A Gallery of Gershwin


Recorded in New York City on January 8, 9, and 10 in 1958, this collection of Gershwin tunes blends the talents of four solo pianists. Regrettably, this quartet of Johnny Costa, Eddie Costa (not related to Johnny), Hank Jones, and Dick Marks recorded together only once. The principal soloist(s) is indicated for each track in parentheses.

  1. Fascinatin' Rhythm (Eddie Costa, Jones)
  2. Love Walked In (Johnny Costa)
  3. Clap Yo' Hands
  4. The Man I Love (Jones)
  5. Someone to Watch Over Me (Marx)
  6. Mine
  7. Liza
  8. Bess You Is My Woman (Marx)
  9. Our Love Is Here to Stay (Eddie Costa)
10. Somebody Loves Me (Jones)
11. Soon (Marx)

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