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*LP, Savoy MG 15056                Introducing Johnny Costa  
*LP, Savoy MG 12052                The Amazing Johnny Costa (1955)

*CD & LP, Savoy 1190               Neighborhood

*LP, Coral 57020                      Johnny Costa Piano Solos (1955)

*LP, Coral                                 The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (1955)

*LP, Coral                                 Costa Living (195?)

*LP, Coral                                 A Gallery of Gershwin (1958) 
                                                (Johnny Costa, Eddie Costa
***, Dick Marx, Hank Jones)

*LP, Dot 3167                           In My Own Quiet Way (1959)

*45, Dot 45-15961                   Mercedes Bends/Colorado Waterfall (1964)

*45, Rank Records R2043         Conspiracy of Heart/No One (1960)

*45, Rank Records R2050         No One/Don’t Want the Moonlight (1960)

*LP, MusicVoice MVM 2010      51 Greatest Broadway Favorites (1964)

*LP & Cassette                          Johnny Costa Plays Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (1967)
  Family Communications

*45, B.O.W. Records                 Give Your Heart at Christmas/I’ll Understand (1977)  

**CD, Chiaroscuro                    Classic Costa (1992)

**CD, Chiaroscuro                    Flying Fingers (1992)

**CD, Chiaroscuro                    A Portrait of George Gershwin (1993)

**CD, Chiaroscuro                    A Chiaroscuro Christmas (1995)

**CD, Chiaroscuro                    Dream: Johnny Costa Plays Johnny Mercer (1995)

**CD, L&M                                Christmas Reflections (1997)

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*Unavailable. A few Costa recordings are often listed on eBay (     

**Sometimes available. CDs are listed on ( and on other websites. Use Google to search for a particular CD or LP title. A few individual tracks from CDs are available on iTunes.     

***Eddie and Johnny Costa were not related.

Costa and Mister Rogers on "Tonight"

Costa discusses playing music for children

Johnny appears on Ken Griffin's "67 Melody Lane"

Deep Purple

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