Johnny Costa in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Johnny Costa and his trio were positioned in the studio opposite the inside or house set. This placement provided Costa with a view of all stages of the inner (house) set.

In this picture I snapped in 1995 during the filming of a Neighborhood episode, Costa added a few seconds of music to complete the scene. 

john at poamp

Costa never liked replaying a piece or a segment. He always said, "The first take is almost always the best." All the Neighborhood music was live, even  the beginning of each program was never duplicated when Mister Rogers sang, "It's a beautiful day in the Neighborhood . . . " Costa's studio recordings were often first takes. I know because I attended several recording sessions in Pittsburgh, writing the liner notes for his Gershwin CD.

When Mister Rogers appeared in public, Johnny often was with him. Here he accompanies Fred on Johnny Cason's "Tonight." 

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