Wrong Birthdate

 Many biographical sources have incorrectly reported Johnny's birthdate as January 18, 1992. In fact, Johnny Costa was born January 17. Johnny told me that the midwife who delivered him reported his birthdate incorrectly. More important, he said she dropped him onto his head soon after delivery.  I have sometimes wondered whether this accident, at least in part, accounted for his musical genius.

The Proposed Johnny Costa Center for the Performing Arts

To honor Johnny Costa, Arnold, Pennsylvania’s most famous resident, the city bought the building below, constructed in 1818. Located at the corner of 17th Street and 5th Avenue, this building formally housed Jacob’s Soda Shop, a favorite place adolescents met after school and athletic events. The city hoped to raise $2.5 million and convert the building into the Johnny Costa Center for the Performing Arts. The amount needed, however, was too much for Arnold to raise. In October 2008, the Arnold City Council approved a contract to demolish the building.

jc center
jcctr gon

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